Namperumal and Ubya Nachiyar (1)

Nithyanusanthana Paasurams

This page contains Nithyanusanthana Paasurams from 400 Divya Prabhandam. As the name indicates, these are the set of Paasurams to be recited everyday as a part of Thriuvaradham.

  • Composer/Author: Azhwars
  • Recited By: Sri Malola Kannan
  • Language: Tamil
  • Category: Nithyakarma
  • Duration (minutes) / Number Of Track(s) : 48:19


  • Narasimhan 4 years ago

    please correct the sentence // This page contains Nithyanusanthana Paasurams from 400 Divya Prabhandam. //. As you can see it should be 4000 and not 400.

  • Venkatadri J S 4 years ago

    What a wonderful site! Great effort. My salutations to the initiator and the team responsible for building and maintaining the site. Pray this generates interest in Srivaishnavas practices.A real ocean of knowledge.Kindly Include English translations if possible. Most part of my early day is spent with the site. Feeling content!

  • Seshadri Sampath 4 years ago

    Excellent Website. Under “Nithyanusanthana Paasurams” Neerattam is missing. It would be great if you could add that.

  • M.S.Sampath kumar 4 years ago

    I was excited . I was able learn where to split the word and where to add the word. And also have learnt the modulation of the voice. There by easily can chant the passurams.

    Words are inadequate to express my feelings, how to thank you. Such a wonderful site you have provided to us

  • Seshadri Srinivasan 4 years ago

    Really an excellent site. I would request the authorities to give us the downloading facility of the slokas so that it will be convenient for us to by heart. I need 1 hour for my travel to my office I can listen to them more no of times from my mobile.By this way I can communicate more to the almighty rather than concentrating on remembering or by reading the book.

  • Soundaram Padmanabhan 3 years ago

    Just logged into this site today – April 25, 2014 for the first time. Did not know anything about this site. Got info thru my mail. Found it pretty interesting.

  • D Venkataraman 3 years ago

    Please provide download facility
    Also it would be good if a brief note added as what need to be prepared for this.When to recite this etc

  • Radha 2 years ago

    I would like to listen the audio files but unfortunately I am getting the error message as ” the playlist is empty ” . Can somebody help me to access the files ?


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