SandhyaVandanam – Saayam Sandhya Vandanam (Evening)

One of the most important daily routines/ Nithyakaram is performing SandhyaVandanam. This prayer is offered thrice everyday, once before sunrise, again at Noon and third at the time of evening before Sunset. This page provides the audio file for Saayam Sandhya Vandanam (Evening). Detailed text and video for SandhyaVandanam can be found at this link: Sandhyavandanam – Video and Notes

  • Composer/Author: Vedas
  • Recited By: Sri Nrusimha Raghavachariyar
  • Language: Sanskrit/Tamil
  • Category: Nithyakarma
  • Duration (minutes) / Number Of Track(s) : 15:30


  • krseshaderi 3 years ago

    i need sayam sandhya vandanam tamil lyrics

  • Subash Krishna Setty 7 months ago

    Dear Sir,
    My respects to you.
    I am in urgent need of the script and method to perform Sayam Sandhya vanam. I have some text but not very clear.
    having entered in the Utharayana Punya kalam, I wish to start performing this ritual daily.

    Appreciate if you could kindly send me the text or atleast guide me the source to get the text with explaining the method to perform. Language preferable in Sanskrit (hindi) or English.

    With best regards,

    Subash Krishna Setty (22-08-1946)
    Resi – +9180 42199353


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