Thiruppavai Paasurams In Carnatic Music

Andal’s ThiruppAvai is well accepted that it contains an ocean of items ranging from artha panchakam to the glories of Naama sankIrthanam. Andal is Sri Devi’s amsAvathaaram. Sri Devi incarnated in the form of SeethA and performed upadEsam to people of this earth on Tatthvams. Andal is the amsam of Periya PirAtti, who nourished the jeevans with the milk of JnAnam and fulfilled Her duties by becoming AchAryai to one and all including Her Lord. Through Her ThiruppAvai Prabhandham, She showed the way for us to reach Her Lord. Swamy Desikan says that Andal showed the people of Kali yugam that Hari Naama SankIrthanam is the prime upAyam leading up to the anushtAnam of Prapatthi at Her Lord’s feet to gain Moksham.

This page contains the playlist of Thiruppavai Paasurams In Carnatic Music

  • Composer/Author: Sri Andal
  • Recited By: Unknown
  • Language: Tamil
  • Category: Musical
  • Duration (minutes) / Number Of Track(s) : 1:23:31


  • Raghunandan 4 years ago

    Thanks. Brilliant voice of Dr.MLV.

  • s muralidaran 3 years ago

    dear sir,

    it is my humble request that instead of saying ‘unknown’ against recited by, it would be a real tribute
    to the singer, if the word ‘unknown’ is substituted with Dr MLV.
    with regards
    s muralidaran
    chennai 78

  • rama 3 years ago

    These are not sung by MLV. I have heard her singing thirupavai, it is not like this at all.She never keeps on repeating like this lady which is very irritating, although she has good voice.
    MLV’s voice is totally different and thicker than this lady.
    Go to Youtube and listen to MLV’s thirupavai.


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