Shodasayuda Stotram – Learners Series

  • Composer/Author: Swami Vedanta Desikan
  • Recited By: Dr.U.Ve. Satakopa Tattacharya Swami
  • Language: Sanskrit
  • Category: Learners Series
  • Duration (minutes)/Number Of Track(s): 11:36

Swami Desikan composed Shodasayuda Stotram describing Sri Sudarshana holding 16 weapons in His sixteen hands (Eight hands on each side of His Body). That rare form of Sudarshanar responded to Swami Desikan’s prayer immediately and banished the poisonous fever from Thiruputkuzhi. This stotra elaborates the greatness and glory of Sudarsana by singing about the weapons which Sudarsana wields.

In the Shodasayuda Stotram, Desika refers to the 16 weapons adorning the Lord, the first among them being Sudarshana Himself. He seeks the protection of devotees and the destruction of their enemies. He concludes by describing Him as the source of all weapons.Sri Sudarsana has the following 16 weapons in His 16 hands.1)Chakram (2)Parasu/Mazhu/a type of axe (3)Lance /Kuntha:(4)Dhandam (5)Ankusam or goad (6) Sathamukhaagni (7)Sword(8) Spear (9)Paanjajanyam/Sankham (10)Bow (11)Noose/Paasam (12)Plough (13)Vajram (14)Mace/Gadhai (15)Pestle/Ulakkai and (16)Soolam .

This Stotram consists prayer to Lord in the form of second person as “May He (Sudrasanan) protect You!”. The first of the 19 slokams of Shodasha ayudha Stotram refers to the sixteen aayudhams (weapons) adorned by Sri Sudarsana. In 18th slokam Sudarsano viswam ayuthai shodasayuth tells how Sri Sudarshana is the source of all types of weaponry in the world and prays for His protection.


  • Dr. Chakravarthy Raghavan 4 years ago

    very very good practice for all learners. excellent effort by Dr. U.Ve. Satagopatatacharya swamin.
    Dr. Chakravarthy Raghavan
    Associate Professor
    Rashtriya Sanskrit Vidyapeetha
    Deemed University

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    how can i download this file?? or buy a cd ??

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