Thiruppavai Upanyasam In Telugu By Sri U.Ve.KV Santhana Gopalachariyar

  • Composer/Author: Sri Andal
  • Upanyasam By: Sri U.Ve.KV Santhana Gopalachariyar
  • Language: Telugu
  • Category: Upanyasam
  • Duration (minutes) / Number Of Track(s) : 43:40:41


  • Sampathnarayanan 2 years ago

    When I was in Hyderabad in Key’s HS. I had an opportunity to hear Swamy’s Thiruppavai in Tamil. After that I use to listen Hyderabad AIR every year. But presently I am not getting due to disterbance. Now I found this.I am very happy.

  • Dr.Mukundan 2 years ago

    It is an immense pleasure to listen to the voice of our Vaikuntavasi U.Ve.KVSG Swami. Swami’s rich voice,language,subject content,knowledge and deliverance is unique. I was blessed with God’s grace to listen to Swami’s sundarakanda pravachanam in Tamil almost 50 years as an young boy. Sravanam has done a great service by posting this. It will be nice if swami’s tamil prvachanams are also uploaded. I Pray our acharyas and the God to bless this unique project to continue forever.


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