Nine Days of Sundara Kandam Parayanam: Day 6

  • Composer/Author: Sri Valmiki Maharishi
  • Recited By: Unknown
  • Language: Sanskrit
  • Duration (Hours/minutes): 7 tracks

Nine Days of Sundara Kandam Parayanam

There are 68 chapters (Sargams) in Sundara Kandam. It is customary to conclude the parayanam with SrI Raama Pattabhisheka Sargam. Sundara Kandam has 2874 slokams housed in 68 Sargams. With the 121 slokmas of Pattabhisheka Sargam, the nine days Parayanam of Sundara Kandam comes to 2995 slokams of the set of the total 24,000 slokmas of Srimath Ramayanam of Sage Valmiki (12.48% of the total).

Here is the breakdown by the number of slokams for the nine days:

Day 1 Sargams 1-5 375 Slokams
Day 2 Sargams 6-15 440 Slokams
Day 3 Sargams 16-20 154 Slokams
Day 4 Sargams 21-26 216 Slokams
Day 5 Sargams 27-33 201 Slokams
Day 6 Sargams 34-40 390 Slokams
Day 7 Sargams 41-52 385 Slokams
Day 8 Sargams 53-60 460 Slokams
Day 9 Sargams 61 to 68 and Sri Rama-PattAbhisheka Sargam 253 Slokams + (121 Pattabhisheka Slokams)

Please pace yourself for Days 1, 2 , 6 , 7 , 8 and 9 , when the slOkams to be recited are more than Three Hundred and Fifty. There are Raama BhakthAs, who complete the recital of the entire Sundara Kandam on one day (SrI Raama Navami day).

Method of Parayanam

There is a sankalpam, aavahanam, upachAram including nivEdhanam at the aarambham stage of Parayanam. There is SrI Raama ashtOttharam for those, who wish to perform archanaai for Lord Ramachandran, which starts with “Sri Ramaaya nama:” and concludes with “Parasmai nama:”. Sri Vishnu Sahasra Namam is also recited before the day’s parayanam.

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  • R Ramachandran 3 years ago

    Excellent. It appears Sargam 39 is missing. After Sargam 38 No 40 seems to have been recorded.Please clarify.

  • Usha Ravi 2 years ago

    Excellent pronunciation ! Very good guidance for new people like me for chanting. However Sargam 39 is missing! Would appreciate if that is taken care. Thank you for loading this online.


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